Looking Back at Past Diversicons

Below are the many luminous guest authors, artists, editors, and fans who have brought their light to our convention over the years:

Diversicon 29 (2022)

T. Aaron Cisco
Sybil Smith (Special Guest)

Diversicon 28 (2021 - postponed a year due to Covid 19)

Michael Merriam
Abra Staffin-Wiebe

Diversicon 27 (2019)

Nisi Shawl
Ben Huset

Diversicon 26 (2018)

Charlie Jane Anders
Bryan Thao Worra
Ursula Murray Husted

Diversicon 25 (2017)

Eleanor Arnason
Melissa Scott

Diversicon 24 (2016)

Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Naomi Kritzer

Diversicon 23 (2015)

Ytasha L. Womack
Rob Callahan

Diversicon 22 (2014)

Carolyn Ives Gilman
Terry A. Garey

“I can’t remember ever having more fun at a con”
—Jack McDevitt

Diversicon 21 (2013)

Jack McDevitt
Catherine Lundoff
Roy C. Booth

Diversicon 20 (2012)

Tananarive Due
Steven Barnes
(10 years after their appearances at Diversicon 10)

Diversicon 19 (2011)

David G. Hartwell
John Calvin Rezmerski
Lyda Morehouse
Joan Slonczewski

“Thanks for a wonderful weekend! Diversicon is one of the most enjoyable conventions I have ever been to… in over 30 years of con-going”
—Rob Chilson

Diversicon 18 (2010)

William F. Wu
Rob Chilson

Diversicon 17 (2009)

Kay Kenyon
Michael Levy
Sandra Lindow

Diversicon 16 (2008)

Anne Frasier
Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu, PhD

Diversicon 15 (2007)

Andrea Hairston
Christopher Jones
Melissa S. Kaercher

“How wonderful to attend a con where the diversity of culture in speculative literature is considered a strength, not a liability!”
—Bryan Thao Worra

Diversicon 14 (2006)

Kelly Link
Bryan Thao Worra

Diversicon 13 (2005)

Sheree R. Thomas
Minister Faust (aka Malcolm Azania)

Diversicon 12 (2004)

S. P. Somtow (aka Somtow Sucharitkul)
Mark Rich

Diversicon 11 (2003)

Melissa Scott
Martha A. Hood

“Your Programming is better than a lot I’ve seen at much larger cons. I really enjoyed the way people actually discussed subjects rather than making unrelated statements. It was great fun!”
—Melissa Scott

Diversicon 10 (2002)

Steven Barnes
Tananarive Due

Diversicon 9 (2001)

Stephen Pagel
Keith Hartman

Diversicon 8 (2000)

Lois McMaster Bujold
Laurel Winter
Suzy McKee Charnas

“Diversicon is an experience. Great conversations, warm and welcoming, with a broad range of ideas, interests, and offbeat humor. I loved it! Had a great time! Will be back again!”
—Sheree R. Thomas

Diversicon 7 (1999)

L. A. Graf (aka Julia Ecklar and Karen Rose Cercone)
Nalo Hopkinson

Diversicon 6 (1998)

Karen Joy Fowler
Pat Murphy

Diversicon 5 (1997)

Tanya Huff
Pam Keesey

Diversicon 4 (1996)

Maureen F. McHugh
Doug Friauf (July 8, 1955–April 25, 2007)
Rodger Gerberding

Diversicon 3 (1995)

L. A. Taylor (aka Laurie Aylama Taylor Sparer; September 3, 1939–May 29, 1996)
Joan Slonczewski
Earl C. Joseph

“People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like.”
—Abraham Lincoln

Diversicon 2 (1994)

Paul Park
Bruce Hyde
Sybil M. Smith

Diversicon 1 (1993)

Eleanor Arnason
A. C. Crispin
Ruth Berman

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