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July 24-26, 2015
St. Paul / Minneapolis, Minnesota

The SPECULATIONS READINGS SERIES continues monthly at DREAMHAVEN BOOKS, 2301 E. 38th St, Minneapolis. Each Speculations Reading runs from 6:30-7:45 p.m., including a post-reading reception with free soda pop and cookies.

On Wednesday, September 10, JOHN CALVIN REZMERSKI reads his poetry. Mr Rezmerski was born in Pennsylvania, and again in Ohio, then again in Kansas, and three times more in Minnesota. By some accounts he has three lives left, but he is not taking any bets because he doesn't believe in cats. He is a member of Lady Poetesses from Hell by virtue of the fact that he channels Grace Lord Stoke (via email), from whom he has learned a great deal. He has published 20 books, chapbooks, and anthologies, including The Frederick Manfred Reader, a screenplay, and three plays. He has performed his work for schools, libraries, bookstores, science fiction conventions, clubs, professional organizations, senior centers, museums, festivals, fairs, coffee houses, bars, and on television, and on radio, including National Public Radio's Wha'd Ya Know?, and collaborated with painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, dancers, theatrical troupes, and scientists. Over 35 years, he taught creative writing, journalism, linguistics, science fiction, and storytelling at Gustavus Adolphus College. His poetry includes 22 from TOTU and Breaking the Rules: Starting with Ghazals.

Speculations is a co-production of DreamHaven Books and SF MINNESOTA.

Rates for Diversicon 23

Adult Through Diversicon 22: $25.00 - Through Ides of March (15 March) 2015: $30.00 - Through Bastille Day (14 July) 2015: $35.00 - At the Door: $45.00
Student (ages 12-25) Through Diversicon 22: $15.00 - Through Ides of March: $20.00 - Through Bastille Day: $25.00 - At the Door: $35.00
Supporting Through Bastille Day: $5.00 - Converting: $25.00
Child (ages 5-11) $5.00 anytime
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Guest of Honor: Ytasha L. Womack

book cover Ytasha L. Womack is a filmmaker, author, journalist, and choreographer. She is the author of Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Culture (2013), and author/creator of the popfuturist novel 2212: Book of Rayla, first in a series. Her other books include Post Black: How a New Generation is Redefining African American Identity (Lawrence Hill Books). She also co-edited the anthology Beats, Rhymes, and Life: What we Love and Hate About Hip Hop (Harlem Moon/Random House). Her film projects include The Engagement (director) and Love Shorts (producer/writer). She is a Chicago native.

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